Kitchen Appliance Installation

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Kitchen Appliance Installation


Your dishwasher is connected to your kitchen sink's water supply and it depends on the sink's drainage system to get rid of spent water at the end of a cycle. If the sink plumbing is clogged, water will back up into your dishwasher. Grant-Plumbing installs and replaces all dishwasher brands and we hook up their water supply lines and drains to provide you with years of trouble-free service.





We also install fresh water refrigerator water lines to keep ice makers and drinking water clean and fresh. Dishwashers and water lines are some of our most common kitchen plumbing jobs and should receive regular maintenance to keep your drinking water fresh and free of contamination, bacteria and limescale.










Most washing machines are installed next to the kitchen sink, this is done primarily because it is convenient to access the water supply and waste pipe. If however you would like your appliance installed in another part of the kitchen or house, our qualified plumbers will fit a new water feed and waste pipe allowing you to have your appliance where suits you, not where it was convenient to install originally. Give us a call and we will arrange to visit you and give a free quotation for the work involved.






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